Getting started

The simplest way how PaywithTerra can be connected is a “ready to use” complete plugin (if you are using one of the supported popular CMS).

The installation process is simple 2 steps:

  1. Install and activate the payment plugin from CMS store or manually
  2. Configure the plugin settings (fill your merchant wallet) and make the test payment
Quick start for CMS
Work in progress

We are preparing the next releases for additional CMS to make our set wider.
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Working with any self-hosted project

If your e-commerce project code is under your control, you can integrate PaywithTerra even in self-coded or unsupported CMS/framework. Our set of libraries helps you automate order payment processing.

Frontend library

Our frontend library helps your customers prepare and create payment transaction that expected for paying your order. It may connected to webpage like analytics scripts.

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Backend library

Our backend library created for validation incoming transaction: it calls the public network facades and checks that transaction is really exists and contains expected amount.

PHP Node.js
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