PaywithTerra — free tools to accept crypto payments on your e-commerce website

PaywithTerra is a set of open-source plugins that works by utilizing publicly available information on the Terra blockchain. It provides components for making payment transactions and on-backend validation when such transactions are detected.

Online demo

For demo purposes, we have the special “donation form”.
If you do not want to send a real tokens use the testnet mode, where you may test how PaywithTerra works using non-cost assets, which you can get for free on the Terra Faucet.
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Evolution of PaywithTerra

PaywithTerra as Plugin
PaywithTerra as Service

PaywithTerra is not a centralized service, but an open-source application.
The payment process is still smooth for users.

The installation process remains simple for merchants.

  • free for merchants and customers
  • independent from the own central server
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